Inspiration For My Work


the life-nurturing quality of truth


As a therapist—as a person—I believe it is absolutely vital that we know and live in the truth. No real relationship can exist apart from truth—not with ourselves, not with God and not with any other person.

Truth is a reference point outside ourselves that we look to...a "true north."

Imagine a fellow clinging to a raft, lost at sea. To figure out where he is and where he needs to go he must look outside himself and away from his raft (his circumstances) to some "fixed" reference point. A mountain on the horizon, or the stars in the sky. Then he can gain his bearings and find out what direction to go. Imagine how ridiculous it would be for him to simply "look inside himself." While self examination can be very useful it is not enough. It won't "rescue" you.

We all need a fixed reference point.

I believe God is the ultimate reference point for life.   He is my guide and his compassion for people my motivation. This extends to everyone I work with. I recognize people come from a variety of backgrounds and beliefs and always treat with the utmost dignity and respect each person who comes to me for help.

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