What Others Are Saying

"I have known Dr. Arrington professionally for more than fifteen years.  In that time I have come to find her caring, knowledgeable and thoughtful.  She is an essential asset to the healthcare community and is committed to serving her clients to the highest level.  I have absolutely no reservations when I make recommendations to my patients to seek Dr. Arrington's services."

Dr. Andrew Williamson
Chiropractic First Family Wellness Center
Mt. Airy, MD

“From the very first day I walked into Lenora's office, I felt extremely comfortable and at ease, and that's not always possible with a complete stranger.  I had no problem talking to her & looked forward to our sessions each time.” C., former client


“I am pleased to recommend Dr. Lenora Ar rington to you.  I have known Lenora both personally and as an esteemed colleague for over twenty five years.  I have complete confidence in her abilities.  She has the unique capacity to integrate professionalism with warmth without compromising either.  You will be well served.”

James Roembke, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist
Senior Partner
Vital Sources, LLC
Frederick, MD

“Lenora is a woman of deep faith, and insightful compassion. She will respectfully and directly assesses your situation and guide you to understand yourself better and find a healthier, more satisfying life.”

Margie Brubaker, M.A., L.C.P.C.
Associate Partner
Vital Sources, LLC
Frederick, MD


“Lenora was highly recommended to me by a friend. ‘You'll find her to be a warm, very kind, and helpful person.’  What an understatement. Gave me a durable hope, cleared away a lot of pain, supported me over some pretty high hurdles in life, and helped get my mind on the right track. Lenora made all the difference. ”

A., former client


"I have known Dr. Lenora Arrington to have a good balance of a listening ear and insightful advice.  Her training and life's experiences allow her to understand the human condition and speak to the heart of the situation."

Dr. Paul Buchanan
Former Senior Pastor
New Beginning Nazarene Church
Mount Airy, MD

“Lenora Arrington is an experienced Christian therapist who meets and responds to her client’s needs without judgment.  She has genuine compassion and concern for those who place their confidence and trust in her abilities.  Dr. Arrington draws from a healthy balance of clinical insight and biblical knowledge in treating her clients. “

Mary Shoff, Esquire
Law Office of Mary Shoff
Frederick, MD


“Dr. Lenora Arrington conveys empathy and caring by her steady presence, her superior listening skills and her ability to make every client feel exceedingly special. She is an experienced clinician who is well qualified to assist her clients as they navigate through the complexities of life. I highly recommend Dr. Arrington's work!"

Danette Buchanan
Pastoral Counselor, LGPC

“Lenora entered my life at a time of major confusion and depression.  I had lost my ability to function at the level I knew I was capable.  Her sincerity, gentleness, and sensitivity were just what I needed to walk through the pain of a childhood filled with traumatic experiences.  Lenora knew how to listen, really listen, not just to information, but to my heart which was hurting and unable to work through the pain on my own.  Her skillful guidance as a therapist made it possible for me to face the  pain of the past and experience a brighter future today.  I'm so thankful she was there to help me at that season and I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to be supported through their painful journey.”

J.J., Former Client

"I have tried different therapists and therapy modalities over the years, but nothing compares to the real and lasting changes that I have experienced since beginning Somatic Experiencing therapy with Dr. Arrington. Her support and passion for deep healing have given me hope. I felt listened to, understood, heard and supported. I found permission to be completely myself. She helped me to believe that I could heal."

L., former client


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